Application of drum dryer in the production of pregel starch

June 10, 2020

Pregel starch (also known as alpha starch) is the heating of β starch (raw starch) in the

presence of a certain amount of water or hydrophilic solvent, using water or hydrophilic solvent to break the intermolecular hydrogen bond and destroy its regular arrangement Micelle structure. After it is completely gelatinized, it is quickly dried at high temperature, and the resulting hydrogen-bonded, porous, starch particles without obvious crystals are obtained. Compared with β starch, pregel starch has the characteristics of high dispersibility, high oil absorption, high hydration speed, high viscosity and high expansion. Can be widely used in food (especially fast food), medicine, chemical industry, textile, feed and other industries, as an adhesive, adhesive, thickener, sizing agent, etc.

The production of pregel starch with a drum dryer has the advantages of low energy consumption, water saving and less floor space.

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