Main Frames

Fabricated carbon steel construction.

Drying Drums

High grade alloy cast iron, surface plating hard chrome.

Knife Bars

Cast iron,coatings is thermostable ,Moisture- resistant and anti-corrosive


Alloy steel, special stainless steel, or stainless steel blade holders tipped with beryllium bronze for custom applications.

Feed Rolls

Are used for drum drying starch and cereal based materials or pastes. Carbon steel chrome plated or coated stainless steel, driven by pinions from main drive spur gear wheel, available with internal cooling or heating as required.

Safety Gear

All feed rolls and twin (double) drums fitted with safety gear.


Vapor extraction hood, total dust tight.

Dongtai Renhui Machinery Co.,Ltd is a leading producer of drum dryers and food processing machine, starch machine, modified starch machine and other special machinery.

Our range of production equipment include a wide spectrum of basic models which can be modified in accordance with our customer's individual requirements.

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