Oil Drilling starch

Oil Drilling Starch is used for reducing fluid loss in a variety of water based drilling fluids and has beneficial secondary effects on mud rheology. In drilling wells, a liquid (mud) is pumped into the hole to clean and cool the drill bit and to flush to the surface the drill bit cuttings and suspending the drill cuttings while drilling is paused. The most important physical characteristics of the drilling fluid is the viscosity and the water holding/retaining characteristics.

Starch is traditionally supplied as cold water soluble – either made by a semi moist/dry thermo-mechanical gelatinisation on screw extruders or by suspension reactions and subsequent drying on drum dryers. Wet reactions carried out in starch suspensions are easy to control and the resulting precisely engineered starches are of high, uniform quality with wider applications. Potato starch retain fluids better than other starches due to the large size of its molecules.

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