Optional Equipment


Quick Cooking System

For food or related food products, it is sometimes necessary to preheat the feed to the dryer to obtain a higher degree of pre-gelatinisation or a sterile feed to the dryer. Pre-heating is achieved by using this precooking system.

Knife Grinder

Designed for regrinding of our standard cast steel knives in your own workshop. The unit comprises a grinding head with a motor mounted on a traversing carriage running on a cast iron slide base and is supplied complete with a traversing drive electric motor drive and controls.


Conveyors for the collection and remove of dried product

Screw Type Conveyors

Screw Type Conveyors for the collection and remove of dried product to Flakes Breakers

Collection System


Formula Tank


Designed for mixing materials

Dongtai Renhui Machinery Co.,Ltd is a leading producer of drum dryers and food processing machine, starch machine, modified starch machine and other special machinery.

Our range of production equipment include a wide spectrum of basic models which can be modified in accordance with our customer's individual requirements.

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