Working Principle

Principle of single drum dryer

In principle, the single drum dryer functions similarly to the double drum dryer.

In this apparatus, product application takes place however via a product sump and is sprayed out and/or is applied from above via product application drums.

The dried product is removed by a scraper and can be fed back in for further processing.

Principle of double drum dryers

Drum dryers are used for the continual drying of solutions, suspensions and pastes of different consistencies and viscosities. The drums are usually heated with steam. Using a dosing system, the wet product is distributed between the drums. The gap between the drums can be set between 0.1 and 2 mm.

The wet product applied is distributed evenly on the hot drums and the moisture content evaporates during the partial rotation of the drums. After approximately a ¾ turn, the now dry product is removed by a scraper. Depending on its consistency, it falls as a film, in scales or as a powder and can be fed into the next processing stage via the appropriate conveyor.

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