Rice Flakes

Rice flakes are a product made by parboiling rice, then flattening the grains to product a solid flake. There are a number of flake recipes used in Asian cuisine, while in Western countries, these flakes are often used to in cereals and different types of snacks.

The creation of rice flakes begins with parboiling rice, which helps to soften the grain and prepare it for processing. Once the rice is tender, the cooked grains are rolled, then flattened. The thickness of the flattened rice will depend on the amount of pressure that is applied.

After the mixture is the desired thickness, the flattened rice is allowed to dry completely. The dried sheets are then sent through another roller to create simple flakes. At this point in the process, the flakes may be packaged for use as a dry cereal, used as an ingredient in recipes for a side dish, or used to create desserts or even snack foods.

One common use of rice flakes is to create a simple dessert that is somewhat similar to the rice pudding commonly served in Western countries. This approach involves adding milk and sugar to the rice and allowing it to steep in the mixture for a short time. The consistency of the finished dish is somewhat like that of cooked oatmeal.

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